Buyer Beware: Don’t Neglect to Inspect a Home Yourself

By Trent Beaver | January 12, 2023

Don’t Hesitate to Inspect a Home Yourself A home inspector‘s goal is to spot problems and evaluate a home’s overall condition. Home inspectors will do their best to be ethical and thorough. However, they are also still human, and as a result, sometimes details escape their attention. If you’re making a significant investment in a home, there’s no […]

7 Tips to Lower Your Heating Bill

By Trent Beaver | December 16, 2022

Prescott, Arizona, covered in a blanket of snow, is breathtaking! Match that with Christmas lights, and it truly makes it the most magical time of year. With the temperature drop, you may notice an unwelcome increase in your heating bill. Here are some tips on how to lower your heating bill and still stay cozy […]

Find Your Neighborhood’s CCRs

By Trent Beaver | November 8, 2022

Do you know the CCRs of your property? If not, you should. The Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCRs) are the rules that govern your neighborhood or community. Knowing and following them is essential to maintaining the quality of life in your community. Violating them can result in penalties, so if you don’t know what they […]

How You Know When to Make an Offer

By Trent Beaver | October 11, 2022

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned pro, some telltale signs tell you when it’s the right time to make an offer on a house. The market is constantly shifting and changing, so staying current on the latest trends and data is essential. If you’re unsure of when to pull the trigger, we put […]

Ask Your Agent the Right Questions

By Trent Beaver | September 13, 2022

Working with a real estate agent can be extremely helpful when you’re ready to buy a home. Here are some of the ways a real estate agent can help you: Finding the right home: An excellent real estate agent will take the time to understand your wants and needs in a home and help you […]

Answers for First-Time Home Buyers

By Trent Beaver | August 11, 2022

Basics for Buying Your First Home   When buying your first home, you need to know several things to qualify and make it a smooth process. We have compiled a list of questions and answers to help you with the home buying process.   1. What kind of credit score do I need to have? […]

What is an HOA really about?

By Trent Beaver | July 12, 2022

Understanding an HOA If you’re a first-time buyer confused about what a Home Owners Association is (or does), you need to ask the right questions before considering buying. An HOA’s purpose is to protect owners’ quality of life and property values within a neighborhood or shared building. Although, how they make this happen can vary […]

Things to Consider When Moving with Kids

By Trent Beaver | June 14, 2022

Keep Kids in Mind With school-aged children in your home, buying or selling a house can take a different approach. Finding the right size, location, school district, and more is essential. Here are some things to remember when you’re ready to move with your family. Housing You’ll need to find suitable housing for your family, […]

Great Things to Do with Kids in Prescott

By Trent Beaver | May 10, 2022

One of my favorite things about being a realtor is becoming a resource of information for our clients. We often get asked, ‘What is there to do in Prescott?’. Luckily, the answer is that there are many things to do in Prescott, even for the kids. There are valid reasons that Prescott, Arizona, is dubbed […]