Selling Your Home October 11, 2023

Helpful Open House Checklist

The run-up to an open house is as significant as the event itself.  Preparing yourself and others for the event is crucial to showcasing a property and building relationships with neighbors, future buyers, and people who may provide that essential referral. We have outlined some key steps you can take to ensure a successful open house.

TIP: Make a checklist of what must be done and set up alerts on your calendar to remind you to do the tasks on your checklist. 

1 week before: Create flyers with date, time, mortgage information, and contact info for the open house. Create a Facebook Event and invite friends, fans, and prospects.

6 days before: Call all your buyers to inform them about the open house. Hang 25 flyers and 25 door-knockers around the neighborhood.

5 days before: Check on the status of the flyers. If you run into people in the neighborhood while you’re there, introduce yourself and tell them about the open house.

2 days before: Be sure you’ve memorized the house and its details and know its floor plan well enough to give effective tours that showcase the property. Create an attractive sign-in sheet featuring your photo and contact info, and offer a line for their contact info (including email address) and space to share where they heard about the open house.

30 minutes before: Make sure the house is clean and smells clean (many home sprays are clean and pleasant; avoid overtly floral or scented scents, as many people are allergic or sensitive to strong scents). Place 4 directional signs with eye-catching accessories like balloons to grab people’s attention and pull traffic from main intersections. Set out light refreshments to create a hospitable atmosphere and leave a positive impression on buyers. Offer non-messy finger foods for guests to munch on while they explore each room in your home. Be sure to have plenty of cold drinks handy; water, lemonade, and iced tea are always popular options!

10 minutes before: Put at least two signs and 4 attention-getters out front, and an “Open” rider on the sign. Play background music, preferably something instrumental and subtle, at low volume.

Within 24-hours after: Follow up with all contacts by phone or email.

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