Real Estate News July 16, 2020

Presenting The Premier Homes Team!

After 7 years as a solo agent and helping over 250 homeowners both buyers and sellers, I am branching out as with a real estate team! Business has been running at max capacity for the last few years and I’m always looking for ways to continue to expand, help more, educate more, but never let my service to my clients falter.

After much thought, discussion and sleepless nights, the decision was made to create a real estate team. It was a way to continue achieving goals, but provide this value to more people as well! My number one priority has always been providing stellar service to clients, because after a bad experience of purchasing a home personally, I have always promised myself I would never let my clients experience what I did.

My number one priority for my team members is to provide value to them, educate them in providing value to clients, and help them be the best REALTOR that they want to be. Just because I’ve been successful doesn’t mean they’re going to use the same ways or methods I did. If they don’t enjoy that aspect of the business I’m wanting to learn from them and what they enjoy doing. Then we can help create the plan for them to build their business and elevate them to their next levels of success.

Big things come to those who work hard. When opportunity isn’t knocking, build a door. Learn something new every day and don’t be afraid to ask questions.