Real Estate News October 22, 2021

When opportunity isn’t knocking, build a door.

Nearly a year and a half ago, The Premier Homes Team was formed. In that time, we have helped roughly one hundred families find homes, accomplish real estate goals, prepare for their next step in life, create the foundation of wealth, and create a shelter or protection for themselves.

2020 found many people unemployed, behind on rent or mortgage, or just experiencing the tremendous shortfalls that a pandemic creates, not knowing what or where their next step might be. All of that noise created an opportunity for a lot of people and uncertainty as well. The real estate market was booming, with many agents, buyers, sellers, and people trying to figure out how to adjust.

This post isn’t about my clients. Instead, it is about my team members and my thankfulness and gratitude for them.

During this uncertainty, I reached out to some people/agents/friends who took a call from me to listen to an idea to form a real estate team. Much like I do at a buyer or seller’s appointment, I was selling what I do and what I offer, but it was to other agents this time. After countless zoom meetings, they took a chance on me much as my clients do, and for that, I am forever grateful.

To my wife, thank you for supporting me thru this wild ride in real estate for the past 8+ years. Your understanding of calls at all hours of the day, listening to scenarios, and for the sacrifices you make for us and our family to allow me to be successful.

To all who helped me with this venture, all I can say is thank you! Whether it be talking about team agreements, entry/exit plans, logo design, team names, structure, style of leading, etc.

I formed a team hoping to help educate team members, teach them, learn what they like about the business, and provide them the options to be the best at what they enjoy in real estate. I didn’t realize how much I would learn from them. Every day it is something different. I only hope the value and teaching I provide them is as good as what they have taught me.

When opportunity isn’t knocking, build a door. Learn something new every day, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

– Trent