Remodeling Your Home September 16, 2020

Tips to Declutter and Maximize Small Living Spaces

Does household clutter drive you nuts? Don’t fret. There are ways to declutter and make a small living spaces feel bigger! Below are tips to help you make the most out of small spaces.

Tips to Declutter

  1. Weed out the extras. A yard sale will alleviate some clutter, and a trip to the local Goodwill will help even more. An article by Dave Ramsey says that a good rule of thumb to follow is: if you don’t use it or wear it regularly and if you haven’t needed it in a year, then let it go. Sort through your home and make three basic categories: Keep, Sell, and Trash.
  2. Bookcases are for more than books! Your walls are vertical friends for storage. Use a bookshelf for plants, valuables, artwork, and more. Place items that you don’t access every day on the top shelves and use boxes to store items such as old letters or loose pictures.
  3. Don’t pile it, hang it! Hanging items to help with storage issues is especially true in kitchens where you can use pot racks, hanging baskets, and even wall-mounted shelving units to raise things and help the room feel bigger.
  4. Maximize cabinets and closets with organizers. Inefficient use of cabinets for storage can easily waste more than 30% of usable “hidden” space. Take advantage of great hardware out there to tune up the interior of your cabinets and closets.
  5. Go below. A raised bed is a great way to free up storage space equal to your bed’s square footage. Using baskets and drawers can ensure the below-the-bed storage remains tidy as well.
  6. Paint light. Dark walls make small rooms feel smaller. Those rooms that feel a little too close for comfort can feel bigger and brighter with a fresh coat of light-colored paint.
  7. Elevate shelving above the toilet tank. If you have shelves elsewhere, but the space above your toilet tank is empty, consider relocating high shelving to above the “dead space” behind the toilet. Consolidating this used space into a single area can broaden out the rest of the bathroom.
  8. Use multifunctional furniture. The Family Handyman gives tips on incorporating multifunctional furniture in small rooms. Options include using a sofa with pullout storage space, an ottoman that opens for extra storage, or a steamer trunk that can double as a coffee or end table.
  9. Utilize the space above your door. If you are working to make a small bathroom feel more significant, there are many options. When transforming your small bathroom into a larger-feeling space, you need to add storage. Life Storage provides an idea for that additional storage. By adding a shelf above your door, you can store extra toilet paper, towels, or other products. With this storage being above eye level, it will still provide you with open spacious bathroom space.

Remember: Organization and smart storage can turn a tiny home into a cozy abode.

Of course, if you’re ready to upgrade your home rather than squeeze the last few inches out of your existing space, get in touch! I’d be happy to help you search for a new home today: (928) 916-1921