Selling Your Home September 13, 2022

Ask Your Agent the Right Questions

Working with a real estate agent can be extremely helpful when you’re ready to buy a home. Here are some of the ways a real estate agent can help you:

  1. Finding the right home: An excellent real estate agent will take the time to understand your wants and needs in a home and help you find properties that fit those criteria.
  2. Negotiating the price: Once you’ve found a home you love, your real estate agent will help negotiate the purchase price with the seller.
  3. Handling paperwork: The process of buying a home comes with a lot of paperwork. A real estate agent can help ensure everything is in order and help with any questions.
  4. Connecting you with other professionals: A real estate agent can introduce you to professionals you may need to work with during the home-buying process, such as mortgage brokers, home inspectors, and more.

When buying a home, you want to ensure you get the best deal possible. But how can you be sure? One of the best ways is to ask your agent the right questions. By doing so, you will get a better understanding of what’s going on in the market and what your options are. So don’t be afraid to ask away – your agent will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. When you start working with an agent, you want to be sure that you have the knowledge you need to choose someone with the background and skills to represent your interests, meet your needs, and make the process a positive experience.

Buyer’s Agents vs. Seller’s Agents

First, you’ll want to work with an agent representing sellers as the majority of their business. It is common for real estate agents to find their niche or specialty. They typically become agents who list homes and are a ‘Seller’s Agent’ or find homes for their clients and are ‘Buyer’s Agent.’ You’ll find that many agents have experience on both the buying and selling side of the situation, but when you are selling a home, it is optimal to work with an agent who has dedicated most of their time working with sellers.

Having rapport with your agent is essential. It is ideal to work with someone you like and someone who will communicate well with you.

Another effective way to sort the amateurs and the pros is to look at the agent’s track record.

Here are some direct questions which will help you compare agent experience and performance:

  1. How many continuous years have you been in real estate?
  2. How many homes did you sell last year working as the seller’s agent?
  3. Of the homes you’ve sold in the past year, what was the average number of days the home was on the market from the initial listing date until the final accepted offer?
  4. Looking at your past 12 months of closed sales, what percentage has the final selling price been compared to the initial listing price?
  5. How much will you charge me to sell my home? What sort of marketing efforts does this cover?
  6. Do you have an assistant to help you sell homes?
  7. Are you considered by your company’s owner to be one of the top producers in your office?

These questions may seem somewhat blunt, but full-time agents with a career built on selling homes shouldn’t have a problem answering you to the best of their ability.

Selling your home is a significant event in your life and should be handled by analyzing all of your options.

About Trent Beaver, REALTOR®

Trent Beaver grew up in Parker, Arizona; a small-town along the Colorado river. Growing up in the small town atmosphere Trent soon learned two key traits growing up, honesty and loyalty. Trent Beaver observed first hand that for any long term success, these qualities are a priority. Trent uses these two attributes for the basis of his business as a REALTOR ®.

As a REALTOR ® Trent puts his client first by being a good listener, good communicator, and responding to your needs quickly. He upholds his core values and looks to be your lifetime REALTOR ® finding you the home or property that suits your needs best.

In 2006, Trent Beaver moved to Prescott to further his education. He soon graduated from Yavapai College with his Associates of Business and from Old Dominion University with his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Upon purchasing a house with his wife, Jenni, who is a 3rd grade teacher in the Prescott School District, Trent Beaver soon realized his passion for real estate and began to fulfill the requirements to get his real estate license.

When Trent Beaver isn’t working at the BloomTree Realty Office, he enjoys traveling, Off-Road Racing, Golfing, and playing with his dogs: Scout and Piper.

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