Selling Your Home February 20, 2020

Updating Your Bedroom Before You List

Everyone can argue what room in the home is the most important. While the kitchen and living room are largely important, the bedroom also ranks high in importance. When buyers are touring a home, they will envision themselves living there, and a stale bedroom with outdated style can be a deal-breaker. Instead of scaring off potential buyers, use these tips to update and freshen up your bedroom’s stale design to create a relaxing calming space.

Fresh Paint: Remove Outdated Wallpaper

A fresh coat of paint is a huge step in updating your bedroom. Does your bedroom have a paint color that could be off-putting to buyers? Is there outdated wallpaper? Remove that wallpaper, or off-putting color, and choose a neutral color to create a relaxing space. Light gray or blue are often recommended colors. If there is wallpaper involved, don’t be afraid of the wallpaper removal process, here are tips by HGTV for wall paper removal.


Make your bed look as comfortable as possible! Puff it up and make it cozy, or, consider purchasing a fancy comforter. Create an inviting place they will want relax in. Ballard designs presents multiple possibilities to arrange your pillows to ‘cozy up’ your bedroom.


Mirrors can offer reflected light to make a bedroom look bigger, however, too many mirrors can create a fun house environment. Find a balance, don’t go overboard, but instead, one or two mirrors strategically placed can create a larger looking bedroom.

Remove Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings can date a room. Popcorn ceilings catch dust easily, are difficult to clean, and hard to repair. Removing your popcorn ceilings will instantly modernize your bedroom. This Old House offers three popular options for removal, include scraping, covering with a new layer of drywall, or skim coating with plaster to create a new texture.

Light & Windows

Lighting is essential, but make sure it’s the right kind of light. Don’t create a dim dark space, and don’t utilze fluorescent lighting. Instead, take advantage of natural light, lamp light, and low light. Clean the windows to receive the most natural light. Along with this, choose light bulbs with warmer tones.

Remove Frills

Excessive frills can scream “Outdated!” Check those bed skirts, window dressings, and curtains. Toning down the frills will bring your outdated look up to date.


Lastly, but most importantly, declutter. Remove distracting knick-knacks off nightstands, organize the closet, and store away roughly 2/3 of your belongings. Consider using the Kon Mari Method to remove the clutter from your life.

These steps will freshen up that room and take it to the next level! If you need someone to evaluate your interior appeal, I would be happy to share my thoughts and guide you towards maximizing your home’s appeal!